Ready, Set, Write: How To Kick-Start Your Freelance Writing Career

Freelance writing sounds like such a glamorous career, doesn’t it?

No boss to answer to. No office to commute to for five days a week. No soulless cubicle to work in from 9 to 5. And don’t forget about the amazing feeling of seeing your writing in print – not to mention receiving that lucrative freelance writing paycheck!

But if you think that you have to graduate from a top journalism school or work for The New York Times for decades before earning a single freelance writing cent, then make sure you’re sitting down, because you’re absolutely going to love this next part.

What if I told you that you don’t need to be a published author to learn how to make money writing – in fact, all you need to know is how to string together a sentence to kick-start your freelance writing career?

It’s true… and I’m going to show you the first three steps you need to grab on to your freelance writing dream!

Forget Traditional Writing Jobs.

Think that major freelance writing profits come from magazines and newspapers? Think again: the online world has completely changed the way freelance writers make money writing. In fact, some of the most lucrative freelance writing projects involve writing articles, web content and eBooks for entrepreneurs and businesses – to the tune of thousands of dollars per project! So stop wasting your time on spec projects for traditional published media, because the wonderful world of online freelance writing is where the real money’s at!

No Portfolio? No Problem!

Letting the absence of a portfolio full of published articles stop you from learning how to make money writing is a classic example of thinking inside the box – and I’ll show you why.

Think about how art, architecture and film students land their first paid gigs. They don’t wait around for a paying job before they start submitting work to potential clients. Instead, they use previous projects that demonstrate their talents to lure those high-paying clients to them…

… And that’s exactly what you need to do to make money writing! Most online clients don’t care if you’ve been published or not – they just want to ensure that you’ve got the writing goods to get the gig done well and on time. So assign yourself some homework and whip up a couple of 500-word articles on subjects that clients pay big bucks for.

Start Thinking Like A Sales Person.

Wait a minute, you might be thinking to yourself. I thought this was about making money with my writing – not Sales Marketing 101!

Sure, once you kick-start your freelance writing career, a large majority of your time will be spent on freelance writing… but have you stopped to think how you’re going to convince those prospective clients why you’re the right person for the job? It takes more than just a stellar writing sample: it involves a perfectly pitched project bid that’s so enticing, prospective clients will instantly become lifelong loyal customers.

So if you’re ready to find out how to put these steps into real action – and start to make money writing! – then head to, where you’ll find free insider tips, hints and strategies from your fellow freelance writers!