The Ultimate In Dog Training: Schutzhund Dog Training

Its true, Schutzhund training is the ‘ultimate’ in dog training.

Although its now a sports activity, it was traditionally employed to examine different German Shepherds and ascertain their suitability to be police dogs. Dogs which successfully complete Schutzhund teaching can be regarded as a perfectly trained canine given the rigor needed for Schutzhund success.

Instead of relying on a dog’s appearance to establish if the dog would be effective, trainers can use the Schutzhund method to find the dogs best suited for the job – to be a effective Schutzhund dog demands an interesting combination of intelligence and temperament – and that’s just the dog owner!:) Nowadays, a lot of dog breeds undertake Schutzhund instruction, though very few pass what is the ultimate in dog training.

The Basics of Schutzhund Dog Training
Schutzhund training is very rigorous. It’s a highly structured and focused method to evaluate each animal fully. Most of the Schutzhund training that took place in the past was based on a handful of organized courses and manuals, while today there are videos and DVDs that are used by dog owners to undertake the training process.

The actual teaching process assesses a dog in the specific behaviors critical for law enforcement tasks. These include scent examination, tracking, retrieving and protection. Typically, Schutzhund training starts when the dog is a few weeks old and lasts for weeks to even months to make sure that the dog is perfectly trained with all of the required key skills.

The Essence of Schutzhund
There are a selection of components essential to Schutzhund instruction but most Schutzhund courses will emphasis the following:

Clicker Training – Although using a clicker is not required for all Schutzhund courses, clicker training is considered a nearly universal method which works extremely well with German Shepherds and other breeds for Schutzhund training. Clicker training should start at more or less 10 weeks old.

Obedience – The first true test in Schutzhund dog training is core obedience training. Most programs have 10-11 basic obedience commands such as “sit, down, and stay,” “focus and attention,” front, targeting, pointing out an object, heeling, heel positioning, jumping, retrieving, motion exercises, and “leave.” Mastery of all 11 training points is needed to successfully complete the Schutzhund discipline.

Protection – Police dogs, guard dogs, and attack dogs are trained to protect. Specific commands for identifying a threat and attacking that threat are used in this training. They can also be trained to protect specific persons or objects with commands and gestures.

The core of Schutzhund training is to provide dogs with a very highly specific skill set that they can use to complete given tasks quickly and efficiently. For dog owners at home, Schutzhund dog training can be as effective as an obedience training regimen and even more so.

If you’re looking into using Schutzhund to train your dog, make sure that you take the time to research the different training courses based on testimonials, success rates and the fundamental philosophies they use. Schutzhund Dog Training requires working with your dog using much more advanced techniques than mere obedience training.

You will need to have a special dog to start with if you would like to get involved with Schutzhund dog training. Schutzhund Dog Training

People often ask how the police train their dogs and the answer is quite simple; Schutzhund dog training. If you want the best trained dog, then you need to train your dog the Schutzhund way.